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Organic Oat Flour: Sweet tasteWarm temperature. Supports the spleen (digestion) and kidneys. Tonifies spleen/digestive energy

field of oats with blue sky

Organic Peanut Butter: Sweet taste. Neutral temperature. Supports the lung, spleen and stomach. Moistens the lung. Tonifies the spleen.

Organic Chia Seeds. Sweet and salty taste. Cool temperature. Supports the liver and kidneys. Tonifies yin and blood. Lubricates intestines. Good source of dietary fiberRich in protein

Organic Coconut Oil: Sweet taste. Warm temperature. Supports the large intestine,spleen (digestion) and stomach. Tonifies qi (life energy). Stops thirst and helps to purge the body of excess fluid.

Organic Flaxseed: Sweet taste. Cool temperature. Supports the kidney, spleen and lung. Tonifies yin and clears heat. Supportive for itching, UTI’s, inflammation of the intestines and constipation

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